Land of Lakes WC

The Land of Lakes Wrestling Club is a tax-exempt organization with a primary goal of supporting the Goodhue Wrestling Program.

Board of Directors:

President: Amber Lohman

Vice President: Joe Huneke

Secretary: Seth Thomforde

Treasurer: Cheryl Gardzinski

Youth Representative: Dustin Luhman

Public Relations Director: Vanessa Sherer

Advisor: Joshua Grant

Annual $500 Senior College Scholarship Recipients:

2022: TBD Summer 2022

2021: N/A

2020: N/A

2019: Kaleb O’Reilly

2018: Chase Hinsch

2017: John Altendorf

2016: Casey Deneen

2015: Logan Breuer

2014: Matt Deneen

2021 Meeting Dates:

*All meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. in Coach Grant’s room*

Nov. 22

Oct. 19


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