Individual Sections 2017: Saturday only

The 2017 Individual Section Tournament has been moved to a one day format on Saturday. Here is a link to a PDF file of the new Individual Section Tournament Schedule. The wrestlers left Thursday night ahead of the storm and are currently hunkered in hotel rooms in downtown Rochester. Coach Lexvold and Mason (pictured below) were two of many that had to ride snowmobiles to get to school in the 2014 blizzard so we could get to Sections. A four wheel drive tractor with blade had fortunately cleared a path on Hwy. 58 that allowed two Suburbans to haul us to the Civic Center, because the bus wasn’t able to go and Hwy 52 was shut down.
If you’re unable to make it to the Mayo Civic Center on Saturday, you can follow our progress via our Twitter account as well as Track Wrestling, where you can find brackets and live scoring dashboard. To access the brackets at any time, or to follow the live scoring while the tourney is in action, go to Follow these steps: click on “Browse” at the top, then click on “Tournaments”, then “Search Events” and type in “MSHSL”  in ‘Event Name’ box and click ‘Search’ at the bottom. The Section 1A tournament is/should be at the top. Nine of our 13 athletes are seeded. All will be competing hard to pursue their goals and reach the Section 1A podium!