Goodhue at Sections 2016

Section 1 is ready to get together for its annual bash at the Mayo Civic Center for Individual Sections, as teams from all over SE MN are set to collide on Friday and Saturday. By Saturday night, only a handful of wrestlers will be left to compete in the State Tournament.

2016-02-13 ZM Section Semi Final - HWT Brad Marking

Last Saturday, Goodhue competed well but fell short in its goal of upending #1 seed Z-M. Overall, the dual was a success, as the team reversed a 39 point defeat from December into a 13 point loss, notwithstanding an unfortunate injury default that would have been a likely 9+ point swing alone that would have further closed that gap.

2016-02-13 ZM Section Semi Final - 138 Joel Gadient - 3

Individual Sections open with first round and quarter-final action beginning at 2:30 for Class A and AA. Saturday begins with championship semi-finals at 11:00 and consolation semi-finals at about 1:30. The final session starts with the 4:45 Parade of Champions and Championship and 3rd Place matches to follow.

Here is the link to a PDF file of the the Section 1A brackets. You can also view results by going to and then click on “Browse” then “Tournaments” then “Search Events” then type “Section 1A” and hit “Search”. Then Enter as “viewer” and then in “Results” click on “Brackets.” We will also post results in our Twitter feed.

2016-02-13 ZM Section Semi Final - 220 Casey Deneen