Original times correct again for CF Tri

Last time I hope: There has been a change to Thursday’s triangular times at Cannon Falls BACK to the original schedule. I got another email before practice tonight stating that the times were back to what I had originally wrote here and stated. Sorry for the confusion-I’m trying to keep up too! I deleted the previous inaccurate post.

Goodhue will wrestle Lake City in the second dual and Cannon Falls in the third dual of the evening. Also, Cannon Falls will be having a “Take Down  Cancer” night with a  few events to help raise funds/awareness for the Randy Shaver Cancer and Community Fund.

Thursday Triangular at Cannon Falls with Lake City:

3:10 Bus Departure

4:00 Weigh-ins

5:00 Cannon Falls vs. Lake City

6:30  Goodhue vs. Lake City

8:00 Goodhue vs. Cannon Falls