Malecek Camp Opportunity

The 7-12 wrestling team is again going to the Malecek Team Wrestling Camp that we went to last summer. This is an awesome camp where kids get lots of matches and have lots of fun at the water park while they stay in nice hotel rooms. It is expensive, however. At this point, it appears we can get 11+ to sign up and therefore the price goes down to $370 per camper.

The camp is June 24-27. All wrestlers from current grade 6-11 are welcome to attend. However, beginner level wrestlers may not benefit as much as those wrestlers with a modest amount of experience in the basic skills. Here is the website if you want to peak around for yourself:

I have the team roster sheet, and my camp participant list will begin with each completed registration and check (To: Malecek Team Wreslting Camp LLC) that is turned in to me .

If you have any questions, let me know either by email (reply to this or or by phone (612.735.2942).

So if you’re ready to go, please send the registration and payment in to me as soon as possible so we can assemble the roster.


Coach Grant