Spring Wrestling Schedule 2013

The 7-12 season has quieted down, and the K-6 program is closing in on its final weeks. For those that are interested, Goodhue Wrestling offers a spring wrestling program for those that are looking to pick up more mat time.

This year the program is again coached by Kyle Huneke, a former Goodhue standout and current Kasson-Mantorville assistant coach. The emphasis is on traditional folkstyle technique, but a few nights may specialize in Freestyle and Greco-Roman technique. Also, Coach Huneke is available to help coach those that are interested in wrestling at a few tournaments this spring.

The schedule this year has some later times due to Gym #1 availability. However, in the coming weeks when the times move down to 7:00 p.m. and the youth season finishes up, we hope to see some  younger faces in there to wrestle before it’s time for bed!

Here is a schedule for you to download and save or print: Spring Wrestling Schedule 2013

Also, the calendar view of the schedule is available here on the website if you wish to print out a monthly calendar version.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Huneke or Coach Grant.

“Spring and Summer Wrestling Makes Winter Champions!”