New training equipment arrived!

Goodhue wrestlers, as well as with other student athletes, will have plenty of new weight equipment to get stronger and faster with now. Some seventh and eighth grade wrestlers helped unpack some of the weight equipment last night.

Some new items include many numerous bumper plates, three Olympic bars, three new benches, three new squat racks, farmers walk handles, medicine balls, kettle bells, bands, a sled, a trap deadlift bar, two training ladders, and a few more items. Some of these items were already in use tonight, and I’m excited to get all the wrestlers stronger and faster with this equipment! More pictures will come of Goodhue wrestlers training for strength, power, endurance, and mental toughness that will translate to success on the mat.

And right now the three squat racks are being assembled by Mr. Baker’s manufacturing class. They should be done within the next day or two.