Goodhue sends 4 to State, 12 earn All-Section honors

On the heels of a second consecutive Team Section 1A Runner-up finish the previous week, Goodhue Wrestling had an outstanding Section 1A Individual Tournament Friday and Saturday. Ryan Schoenfelder’s overtime victory in the last true second match of the event allowed him to join teammates Mason, Kaleb, and Kelby with a trip to the Xcel Energy Center this week. This is the 8th year in history of sending 4 wrestlers to state. Other years were 2017, 2013, 2005-2007, 2002, and 1997.

After a Section runner-up finish at 170 pounds last year, Mason Huemann succeeded to win his first Section Championship at 152 pounds. Kaleb O’Reilly bounced back from a close 2-1 loss in the finals with an overtime victory to return to the Xcel. Kaleb returns to state again after going as a freshman in 2016. Kelby O’Reilly knocked off the high seed in the Section semis before dropping his finals match to a talented Caledonia senior. But a strong performance in his true second match gave him his second consecutive trip to state. After going in opposite years, 2018 marks the first year the twins will compete together at the state meet.

To say the least, Ryan Schoenfelder had an exciting Saturday. After winning his semi, in the finals Ryan couldn’t hold on to a 3-1 lead in the third period, and ultimately fell in the second overtime ultimate tiebreakers. Forced into a true second match, Ryan again went into overtime, emerging with a 10-9 victory.

Overall, 13 wrestlers competed and 12 earned All-Section honors, tying Goodhue in Section 1A for most medalists. This sets a recent era record of All-Section medalists, surpassing 11 medalists in 2017, 10 in 2016, 9 in 2015, and 10 in 2013.



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Goodhue’s Section 1A Individual Results:


Ryley Christianson (6-10) placed 6th

  • Champ. Round 1 – Ryley Christianson (Goodhue) 6-10 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Michael Majerus (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 31-5 won by fall over Ryley Christianson (Goodhue) 6-10 (Fall 1:37)
  • Cons. Round 2 – Ryley Christianson (Goodhue) 6-10 won by decision over Terrik Miller (Wabasha-Kellogg) 3-18 (Dec 8-4)
  • Cons. Round 3 – Ryley Christianson (Goodhue) 6-10 won by decision over Treyton Thesing (Dover-Eyota) 15-19 (Dec 6-5)
  • Cons. Semi – Ross Herber (Lewiston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson) 32-9 won by fall over Ryley Christianson (Goodhue) 6-10 (Fall 2:37)
  • 5th Place Match – Jett Thoreson (St Charles) 22-20 won by decision over Ryley Christianson (Goodhue) 6-10 (Dec 8-5)


Chase Hinsch (6-29) place is unknown

  • Champ. Round 1 – Gavin Gust (Dover-Eyota) 20-13 won by major decision over Chase Hinsch (Goodhue) 6-29 (MD 10-0)
  • Cons. Round 1 – Chase Hinsch (Goodhue) 6-29 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Cons. Round 2 – Chase Holtorf (Wabasha-Kellogg) 17-13 won by major decision over Chase Hinsch (Goodhue) 6-29 (MD 12-1)


Maddox O`Reilly (27-13) placed 6th

  • Champ. Round 1 – Maddox O`Reilly (Goodhue) 27-13 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Maddox O`Reilly (Goodhue) 27-13 won by major decision over Tate Karver (Chatfield) 16-19 (MD 9-0)
  • Semifinal – Gable Speltz (Lewiston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson) 24-10 won by decision over Maddox O`Reilly (Goodhue) 27-13 (Dec 6-4)
  • Cons. Semi – Caden Anderson (Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves) 23-7 won by decision over Maddox O`Reilly (Goodhue) 27-13 (Dec 2-1)
  • 5th Place Match – Tyler Mathison (St Charles) 25-18 won by decision over Maddox O`Reilly (Goodhue) 27-13 (Dec 3-1)


Bjorn Otterness (25-14) placed 4th

  • Champ. Round 1 – Bjorn Otterness (Goodhue) 25-14 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Bjorn Otterness (Goodhue) 25-14 won by fall over Tanner Sanderson (Wabasha-Kellogg) 16-19 (Fall 3:25)
  • Semifinal – Donavon Felten (GMLOS) 24-8 won by decision over Bjorn Otterness (Goodhue) 25-14 (Dec 5-0)
  • Cons. Semi – Bjorn Otterness (Goodhue) 25-14 won by fall over Grady Schott (Chatfield) 9-12 (Fall 1:55)
  • 3rd Place Match – Mike Vath (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 26-6 won by decision over Bjorn Otterness (Goodhue) 25-14 (Dec 8-2)


Mariano Bigalk (17-8) placed 4th

  • Champ. Round 1 – Mariano Bigalk (Goodhue) 17-8 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Mariano Bigalk (Goodhue) 17-8 won by decision over Daniel Smith (GMLOS) 25-10 (Dec 10-4)
  • Semifinal – Nolan Rommel (Wabasha-Kellogg) 20-9 won by fall over Mariano Bigalk (Goodhue) 17-8 (Fall 3:34)
  • Cons. Semi – Mariano Bigalk (Goodhue) 17-8 won by decision over Aaron Francis (Caledonia-Houston) 12-19 (Dec 4-0)
  • 3rd Place Match – Reece Riebel (Lewiston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson) 22-17 won by decision over Mariano Bigalk (Goodhue) 17-8 (Dec 7-5)


Travis Gadient (25-15) placed 5th

  • Champ. Round 1 – Travis Gadient (Goodhue) 25-15 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Kyle Cavanaugh (Caledonia-Houston) 28-4 won by major decision over Travis Gadient (Goodhue) 25-15 (MD 13-3)
  • Cons. Round 2 – Travis Gadient (Goodhue) 25-15 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Cons. Round 3 – Travis Gadient (Goodhue) 25-15 won by decision over Christian Jacobsen (GMLOS) 22-10 (Dec 8-2)
  • Cons. Semi – Nathan Goldsmith (Chatfield) 23-15 won by decision over Travis Gadient (Goodhue) 25-15 (Dec 13-6)
  • 5th Place Match – Travis Gadient (Goodhue) 25-15 won by injury default over Spencer DeFrang (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 21-18 (Inj. 0:00)


Baxter O`Reilly (26-10) placed 3rd

  • Champ. Round 1 – Baxter O`Reilly (Goodhue) 26-10 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Baxter O`Reilly (Goodhue) 26-10 won by fall over Blake Lehnertz (Dover-Eyota) 20-21 (Fall 2:58)
  • Semifinal – Jake Mandt (Chatfield) 35-0 won by fall over Baxter O`Reilly (Goodhue) 26-10 (Fall 3:41)
  • Cons. Semi – Baxter O`Reilly (Goodhue) 26-10 won by fall over Isaac Denstad (Caledonia-Houston) 13-12 (Fall 6:27)
  • 3rd Place Match – Baxter O`Reilly (Goodhue) 26-10 won by decision over Dominic Jenkins (Lewiston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson) 26-12 (Dec 5-3)
  • 2nd Place Match – Luke Tupper (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 24-2 won by decision over Baxter O`Reilly (Goodhue) 26-10 (Dec 5-2)


Mason Huemann (36-5) placed 1st

  • Champ. Round 1 – Mason Huemann (Goodhue) 36-5 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Mason Huemann (Goodhue) 36-5 won by fall over Luke Irhke (Chatfield) 5-11 (Fall 1:32)
  • Semifinal – Mason Huemann (Goodhue) 36-5 won by decision over Josh Graves (GMLOS) 26-10 (Dec 7-0)
  • 1st Place Match – Mason Huemann (Goodhue) 36-5 won by decision over David Seymour (Caledonia-Houston) 20-10 (Dec 3-1)


Kelby O`Reilly (29-7) placed 2nd

  • Champ. Round 1 – Kelby O`Reilly (Goodhue) 29-7 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Kelby O`Reilly (Goodhue) 29-7 won by fall over Noah Sayles (GMLOS) 19-12 (Fall 1:21)
  • Semifinal – Kelby O`Reilly (Goodhue) 29-7 won by decision over Hayden Stensland (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 10-6 (Dec 7-2)
  • 1st Place Match – Zach Schneider (Caledonia-Houston) 33-3 won by decision over Kelby O`Reilly (Goodhue) 29-7 (Dec 8-2)
  • 2nd Place Match – Kelby O`Reilly (Goodhue) 29-7 won by decision over Cooper Holtorf (Wabasha-Kellogg) 28-7 (Dec 5-3)


Kaleb O`Reilly (37-6) placed 2nd

  • Champ. Round 1 – Kaleb O`Reilly (Goodhue) 37-6 won by fall over Trey Theobald (Triton) 12-18 (Fall 2:00)
  • Quarterfinal – Kaleb O`Reilly (Goodhue) 37-6 won by fall over Spencer Welsh (Dover-Eyota) 4-19 (Fall 1:31)
  • Semifinal – Kaleb O`Reilly (Goodhue) 37-6 won by fall over Ryan Wagner (Caledonia-Houston) 18-10 (Fall 0:45)
  • 1st Place Match – Hayden Voxland (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 30-12 won by decision over Kaleb O`Reilly (Goodhue) 37-6 (Dec 2-1)
  • 2nd Place Match – Kaleb O`Reilly (Goodhue) 37-6 won in sudden victory – 1 over Davontae Goldsmith (Chatfield) 25-9 (SV-1 3-1)


Kodee O`Reilly (32-9) placed 4th

  • Champ. Round 1 – Kodee O`Reilly (Goodhue) 32-9 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Kodee O`Reilly (Goodhue) 32-9 won by fall over Payton Schott (Caledonia-Houston) 15-9 (Fall 4:51)
  • Semifinal – Jacob Bennett (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 41-3 won by decision over Kodee O`Reilly (Goodhue) 32-9 (Dec 12-6)
  • Cons. Semi – Kodee O`Reilly (Goodhue) 32-9 won by major decision over AJ Karver (Chatfield) 17-18 (MD 8-0)
  • 3rd Place Match – Noah Herber (Lewiston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson) 32-12 won by decision over Kodee O`Reilly (Goodhue) 32-9 (Dec 7-5)


Ryan Schoenfelder (25-8) placed 2nd

  • Champ. Round 1 – Ryan Schoenfelder (Goodhue) 25-8 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Ryan Schoenfelder (Goodhue) 25-8 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Semifinal – Ryan Schoenfelder (Goodhue) 25-8 won by fall over Teagan Young (St Charles) 18-20 (Fall 4:57)
  • 1st Place Match – Jarret Haglund (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 33-8 won in tie breaker – 1 over Ryan Schoenfelder (Goodhue) 25-8 (TB-1 4-3)
  • 2nd Place Match – Ryan Schoenfelder (Goodhue) 25-8 won in sudden victory – 1 over Mason Staggemeyer (Caledonia-Houston) 15-6 (SV-1 10-9)


Jacob Brinkman (8-23) placed 6th

  • Champ. Round 1 – Jacob Brinkman (Goodhue) 8-23 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Ben Tentis (Wabasha-Kellogg) 24-15 won by fall over Jacob Brinkman (Goodhue) 8-23 (Fall 1:28)
  • Cons. Round 2 – Jacob Brinkman (Goodhue) 8-23 received a bye () (Bye)
  • Cons. Round 3 – Jacob Brinkman (Goodhue) 8-23 won by fall over John Thompson (Lewiston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson) 0-6 (Fall 0:37)
  • Cons. Semi – Luke Dahlen (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 11-15 won by fall over Jacob Brinkman (Goodhue) 8-23 (Fall 5:37)
  • 5th Place Match – Jake Stokes (St Charles) 12-17 won by fall over Jacob Brinkman (Goodhue) 8-23 (Fall 5:17)

Bailee O’Reilly commits to wrestle for Minnesota!

Goodhue’s first 2x State Champion Bailee O’Reilly has verbally committed to wrestle for the University of Minnesota.

This is Goodhue Wrestling’s first wrestler to compete at the Division I level. Bailee was recruited by multiple schools and divisions. At this point Bailee plans to pursue a business major after finishing high school with a 3.5+ GPA. He also received a $1k academic scholarship from the Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association (MWCA). On the mat, Bailee was a 6 year varsity starter, a winner of 185 career matches, a 3x state entrant and a 2x State Champ, winning the 152A title in 2016 and the 160A title in 2017.

The decision to compete for the Gophers came down to the traditions of success that Minnesota has had at developing wrestlers. “One thing that always drew me towards the U was the great fan base and all the resources they have in place for the guys who are willing to put in the work to be great and be remembered for years.”

The upcoming season will likely be a red shirt year. Bailee expects to compete at 165 pounds for the Gophers in open tournaments.

Bailee will sign his National Letter of Intent (NLI) on National Signing Day Wednesday, April 12th, at 3:00 in the wrestling room. Fans and friends are welcome to attend.

State QF’s at 4:00!

Set your alarm… State Quarter Finals are coming up at 4:00. John will be up immediately at 4:00 on mat 8. Kelby will be on mat 4 and Bailee will be on mat 1. The brothers will be about the 4th/5th match on their mat so they’ll be up at approximately 4:30.

In the first round, John won by pinfall in the 3rd period. Mason lost by fall at the end of the first in an outside cradle. Mason will need his first round opponent to win in the quarters to get a consolation match tonight in the wrestleback round at 7:00 p.m. Bailee controlled his match, picking up a 13-5 win. And Kelby also picked up a major decision, winning 15-2.

John Altendorf and Bailee O’Reilly Snag MWCA Senior Scholarship Awards

We have two senior wrestlers in our 2017 season. Amazingly, both managed to earn $1,000 Scholarship Awards from the Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association (MWCA). Only 6 scholarships were available to all state senior wrestlers who are college-bound.

Here is a link to the announcement and biographies of the 2017 MWCA Scholarship Recipients.

Congratulations John and Bailee! We are so proud to see all of your effort on the mat and in the classroom pay off!

O’Reilly Brothers Win Big at MN/USA State Folkstyle

Bailee and the O’Reilly twins wrestled last weekend at the MN/USA Wrestling Kids & Cadets State Folkstyle Tournament in Rochester. The tournament was a success with only 1 loss between the three over the course of the two-day event. Bailee secured a championship at 160 pounds and Kelby secured his at 145 pounds. Kaleb suffered the lone loss to finish in 3rd place. Congratulations guys on a great start to the spring/summer wrestling season!

IMG_2642Cadet – 145
1st Place – Kelby O`Reilly of Cannon Falls Mat Rats
2nd Place – Jackson Street of Anoka Youth Wrestling
3rd Place – Hayden Voxland of Zumbrota-Mazeppa
4th Place – Patrick Voigt of Richfield/Edina Wrestling
5th Place – Evan Lawrence of Unattached
6th Place – Wyatt Bice of STMA
1st: Kelby O`Reilly (Cannon Falls Mat Rats) won by major decision over Jackson Street (Anoka Youth Wrestling) (Maj 9-1)
3rd: Hayden Voxland (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) won by decision over Patrick Voigt (Richfield/Edina Wrestling) (Dec 6-4)
5th: Evan Lawrence (Unattached) won by fall over Wyatt Bice (STMA) (Fall 3:24)


Cadet – 152
1st Place – Samuel Gibas of Elk River Youth Wrestling
2nd Place – Hayden Strain of Cannon Falls Mat Rats
3rd Place – Kaleb O`Reilly of Cannon Falls Mat Rats
4th Place – Bodie Fitzsimonds of Anoka Youth Wrestling
5th Place – Calvin Sund of Prior Lake Wrestling Club
6th Place – Jonathan Huss of Scott West WC
1st: Samuel Gibas (Elk River Youth Wrestling) won by fall over Hayden Strain (Cannon Falls Mat Rats) (Fall 2:39)
3rd: Kaleb O`Reilly (Cannon Falls Mat Rats) won by fall over Bodie Fitzsimonds (Anoka Youth Wrestling) (Fall 3:44)
5th: Calvin Sund (Prior Lake Wrestling Club) won by decision over Jonathan Huss (Scott West WC) (Dec 6-4)


Cadet – 160
1st Place – Bailee O`Reilly of Cannon Falls Mat Rats
2nd Place – Jackson Mueller of Tri City United
3rd Place – Robert Striggow of Hi Flyers
4th Place – Zachary Neaton of Watertown
5th Place – Cole Fibranz of Sartell
6th Place – Gaige Giles of New Prague
1st: Bailee O`Reilly (Cannon Falls Mat Rats) won by fall over Jackson Mueller (Tri City United) (Fall 1:49)
3rd: Robert Striggow (Hi Flyers) won by fall over Zachary Neaton (Watertown) (Fall 3:38)
5th: Cole Fibranz (Sartell) won by decision over Gaige Giles (New Prague) (Dec 8-2)

State Quarter Finals & Consolation Update

The Quarter Final round at state Friday night once again brought mixed results. Bailee’s opponent lost his quarter match 4-3 which unfortunately bumped Bailee out of the tournament. Joel wrestled a 2x state champ Austin Anderly of LeSueur-Henderson very competitively, frustrating him to the end. Down 5-3 with a minute left, Joel attacked to score but Anderly countered well and Joel ultimately fell 9-4.

Joel’s loss dropped him to the consolation bracket. In the late wrestle back session, Joel put lots of points on the board against his opponent, Hunter Sumner of Mille Lacs. Up 9-2, Joel got into a scramble that led to him sitting in a leg ride. Naturally a leg riding machine, Joel settled into a guillotine, and crisply transitioned into a headlock to get the fall in the third period.


In the consolation quarter final round, Joel needed to win to be a medalist. His opponent was Byron Byer, a senior from Frazee, and a common opponent. Byer defeated Joel in his first state match two years ago. With revenge in mind, Joel emerged victorious with a 3-1 decision. Joel Gadient is going to be on the podium tonight!

Joel wrestles next at approximately 1:00 p.m. in the consolation semifinals. Depending on the outcome, Joel will wrestle for either 3rd or 5th place in the 4:30 3rd/5th place round. Championship finals are slated for a 7:00 start.

State First Round Update on Joel and Bailee

The first round of the 2015 State Wrestling Tournament opened up with mixed results for Goodhue wrestlers Joel Gadient and Bailee O’Reilly. Joel, wrestling at 126, fell behind NHREG’s Cordell Peterson early in the first and continued to trail into the third period. Down 7-5 with about 30-40 seconds left, Joel went feet to back for 5 to finish with a 10-7 win to advance into the Quarter Finals. At 5:30, the quarters will start and Joel will face 2x State Champ Austin Anderly.

126A Bracket

Bailee O’Reilly, wrestling at 152, wrestled a scoreless first period. Down 1-0 in the third, he gave up two take downs while in on his own shots to fall 5-1. He will need his opponent to win tonight to in the quarters to have a chance to wrestle in consolation tonight.

152A Bracket

Bailee O’Reilly reaches 100 wins milestone at Sections

Congratulations to Bailee O’Reilly on earning his 100th career victory!

100wins Bailee

Goodhue’s 152 pounder has reached an impressive wrestling milestone – 100 career match wins. Bailee reached the century mark in the quarter finals of the 2015 Section 1A Tournament in a 4-5 seed match-up with a first round 4-0 decision over his K-W opponent, who he had lost to in the regular season. At the end of the tournament, Bailee had 103 wins and his first State Tournament berth. A family affair, now Bailee sits 8 wins behind his father Zach (111) and 23 wins behind his uncle Ben (126) on Goodhue’s all-time wins list.


Just a sophomore, Bailee has been a full-time Varsity starter since the beginning of 7th grade, when he won numerous one point wrestle-off matches with fellow teammate Joel Gadient. Three years later, Joel himself is closing in on his own 100 wins mark. Congratulations to Bailee and best of luck at the State Tournament!


HVL JV Tourney 2015 Results

HVL JV Tourney Wrestling Results @ Lake City

Goodhue competed in the HVL  JV Tournament on Saturday, February 7, 2015IMG_1630

IMG_1619 Earning 1st place was Carter Danielson at 126 LBS.  Carter had two decisions and two pins to earn his first HVL  JV Championship. Taking 2nd place were Bradyn Hinsch at 120 LBS and Travis Gadient at 132 LBS.  Kaleb Stern, Sven Otterness, and Casey Ryan placed 3rd. Goodhue Placed 4th overall as a team out of the eleven teams.  Fourteen Goodhue wrestlers competed in the tournament and twelve of them placed.


Goodhue Place winners:

1st Place

Carter Danielson  4-0  126 LBS

2nd Place

Bradyn Hinsch 113 LBS  2-1

Travis Gadient 132 LBS  2-1

3rd Place

Kaleb Stern 126 LBS  3-1

Sven Otterness 138 LBS  3-1

Casey Ryan  152 LBS 3-1

4th Place

Jacob Gilsdorf 145 LBS  2-2

5th Place

Bjorn Otterness  106 LBS  3-2

6th Place

Chase Hinsch 98 LBS

Matt Goplen  182 LBS


Kodee O’Reilly 152 LBS

Juan Chavez 145 LBS 1-2

Round Robin Brackets

2nd Place

Nick Hinsch 138 LBS  1-1

4th Place

Christian Chavez 106 LBS

Team Scores





129  BYRON








Ellsworth Middle School Invite Results 2015

Ellsworth Middle School Wrestling Tournament
Friday, January 23, 2015

The Goodhue Junior High Wrestling Team traveled to Ellsworth, Wisconsin, to compete in the middle school wrestling tournament. Winning championships were Baxter O’Reilly, Bjorn Otterness, and Kodee O’Reilly. Travis Gadient earned 2nd place, while Bradyn Hinsch and Ryley Christianson placed 3rd.

1st place
Baxter O’Reilly 3-0
Bjorn Otterness 4-0
Kodee O’Reilly 3-0

2nd Place
Travis Gadient 2-1

3rd Place
Ryley Christianson 1-2
Bradyn Hinsch 2-2

4th Place
Matthew Betcher
Connor Jacobson
Nick Hinsch